Irene Atman sings with a vocal dexterity equivalent to a flute that can speak words. It's often difficult to tell that she's taken a breath, as she seamlessly moves from one sustained note to the next phrase.


It is not often that a vocalist can stamp a song her own but I can't express enough how good Irene Atman is at this. She knows how to swing, she knows how to sing and she knows how to move in and out of a song form. Irene Atman is a step above the others and should be heard.


There are certain singers who come on stage and sing their songs well, even emotively, while establishing a connection with their audiences, and then there are vocalists, like jazz chanteuse Irene Atman who owns the stage, and who so totally embrace the moment, that they sweep their audiences away to another place and another time with their music.


Irene Atman has perfected the malleable harmony line, her voice stretching and contracting effortlessly in all four dimensions, defying the quantum mechanics of sonics.

Jazz Society of Oregon - Kyle O'Brien

Irene Atman is a true talent.


Atman has that irresistible intonation

ringing in her timbres which jazz vocalists have. She has a storybook perfect pitch able to touch the listener’s soul, understand the sorrows that burrow in their hearts, stroke their sensibilities with tender caresses and lick their wounds. She has a voice that can make the hardest soul melt in her lap.


When Irene Atman unfolds that articulate instrument with its soothing vibrato and minimal need for breath, who could ask for anything more?

A Jazz Hour - Sydney, Australia

Ms Atman’s voice is extremely pure, centred and crystalline using a style reliant on sureness of pitch. When singing standards she communicates the emotional content perfectly in touch with both song and audience commanding the stage with a mixture of sweet innocence and no nonsense musicianship.


Irene Atman is the epitome of New York style.  She knows the meaning and the feeling of what she sings.  Her rendition of “Why Did I Choose You” will bring the sweet passions of love to a simmer.  This song will never be sung any better, never with any more understanding and feeling of the sentiment expressed.”


Irene Atman's clear articulation is an important factor in her style along with the ability to sing in tune and treat the lyrics with the respect that the composer intended. She does this with the ease of a seasoned performer who has found the essence of jazz vocalization and performs it with professionalism and God given ability.

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